BioBlend Biodegradable Synthetic-Blend Tractor Hydraulic Oil – IS0 46 – Pail


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BioBlend Biodegradable Synthetic-Blend Tractor Hydraulic Oil - IS0 46 - Pail

BioFlo Synthetic UTF is formulated from synthetic readily biodegradable, high lubricity
base oils and proprietary anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives. It is a multifunctional
fluid for high-pressure tractor hydraulics, transmissions and final drives that share a
common reservoir. BioFlo Synthetic UTF protects against varnish and sludge in harsh
operating environments and is optimized for year round use, eliminating the need to
change oils based on summer and winter conditions.

BioFlow Synthetic UTF fluids are formulated featuring our proprietary eSynTM technology.

Key Attributes / Approvals
Any industry (construction, refuse, mining, dredging, marine, agriculture, forestry, etc.) utilizing mobile or stationary
equipment where a UTTO is required, especially systems where a release into the environment is possible or where a
leak or spill could reach a waste stream.

Classified as Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL’s) as per the EPA’s guidance document that defines
standards for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EPA 800-R-11-002) and as required by EPA's 2013 U.S.
Vessel General Permit (VGP)

Meets John Deere J20C and J20D specifications

Meets Allison C-4 specification

Meets Caterpillar TO-2 specification

Meets AGMA GL-4


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