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Environmentally Friendly

Our focus is on making our world Greener with every product and activity

Forward Thinking

We offer new products for areas where most people didn’t think about renewables

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Once we find an area in need of some Green, we find a product or solution that works

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We are here to support your drive to be environmentally friendly

Our Story

AutoBeGreen was founded in the spring of 2011 with the idea of supplying “Environmentally Friendly Automotive Products” to the public via the AutoBeGreen.com website. Our criteria for qualifying a product as “Green” are as follows:

  • Practical
  • High Quality
  • Made Green
  • Packaged Green
  • Able to be disposed of Green
  • Affordable
  • Made In The USA


Eco-Friendly Products

Green Oil Products

full circle
It is not easy to find products that meet the above standards but we found a few, enough to get started. Progress (sales) on the internet was slow, so we searched for other outlets for our Green Products.

Prep Schools, Colleges and Universities are abundant in New England and the Northeast. We turned our focus in this direction and soon learned that these institutions have a Sustainability emphasis, which fits perfectly with our products. We also expanded in to small engine products, which are a perfect fit for the market. In most cases, the receptivity to our Eco-friendly Green Products was (is) very warm. It is most helpful that all of our products meet and/or exceed manufacturers’ specifications, thus eliminating warranty concerns.

We continue to search for and find manufacturers who make products that meet our criteria.  Our market has included and now includes Mass Audubon, Appalachian Mountain Club, Mt Washington Auto Road, Mt Washington Cog Railway, Towns, Municipalities, Water Departments, Fire Departments, Golf Courses, Landscapers, Farmers and so on.  We also have joined organizations that support the environment (NOFA, NHLA, AMC, Granite State Clean Cities, NHGCSA, Exeter Chamber, etc.).  The AutoBeGreen.com business continues to grow.

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