Oilzum Bio-Green Hydraulic Oil

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Oilzum Bio-Green Hydraulic Oil

Oilzum Bio-Green Hydraulic Oil is a biodegradable, multi-viscosity hydraulic fluid that is formulated using a natural renewable fluid.  This environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluid is based on a natural fatty oil which has a special affinity to metal surfaces affording exceptional boundary lubrication. It has also been carefully formulated to provide excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. Based on a specially selected natural vegetable oil that is much friendlier to the environment than conventional mineral based hydraulic oils it is designed for use in applications where the risk of environmental damage through leakage/spillage from hydraulic equipment is high such as agriculture, construction, mining, forestry and marine industries. Oilzum Bio-Green Hydraulic Oil offers multi-grade characteristics and a wide range of performance features similar to mineral oil based formulations.

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Oilzum Bio-Green Hydraulic Oil 5 Gallon Pail


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