Nothing is more important than having good visibility when you’re driving and if you can make it “green”, it’s even better.  Here’s how:

Tripledge Green Wiper Blades

You’re asking how can a wiper blade be green; here’s how:

  • Make the “squeegee” part of the blade out of silicone instead of rubber; ordinary rubber blades require 8lbs of crude oil to make 1lb of rubber
  • Package the wiper blades in eco-friendly, fully recyclable packaging; need we say anything about the way most wiper blades are packaged
  • When the “squeegee” part of the wiper blade finally wears out, return it to AutoBeGreen or the factory and it will be ground in to “regrind”, then milled with other materials to make a silicone compound used in the manufacturing of new auto parts
  •  The wiper blade frame can be added to residential recycling
  • Silicone wiper blades conserve natural resources and reduce the amount of landfill

Organic Rubber Wiper Blade Waste in US

  • 101,785,714 organic wiper blades sold annually
  • 3,138,767 lbs. of wiper squeegee petroleum byproduct waste annually
  • 151,876 cu ft. of petroleum based wiper blade waste

Windshield Facts

  • It takes 8lbs of crude oil to make 1lb. of synthetic rubber polymer
  • Organic rubber squeegees can NOT be recycled
  • The annual amount of petroleum wiper waste from organic rubber wipers is equivalent to:
  • 2 football fields covered in 1 foot of petroleum wiper waste (in US)
  • Nearly 6 football fields covered in 1 foot of petroleum wiper waste (globally)

Tripledge® Green Wipers are biodegradable, durable and fully recyclable.

So, let us know the length of the wiper blade(s) you need (take a tape measure and measure how many inches or provide us with the year-make-model of your vehicle) and we’ll send you the wiper blades that will put you on the “Tripledge Green Team”.

GET Organic Glass Cleaner

Ammonia free and compatible with all automotive brand urethane sealants, GET Glass Cleaner is guaranteed to leave no film!  ULTIMATE BIODEGRADABLE* and environmentally safe, G-CLEAN Glass Cleaner is the GREEN SOLUTION when cleaning all glass surfaces.

GET Rain Repellant

Rain Repellent’s nano-sized particles penetrate deep into the windshield and form a chemical bond, repelling rain, ice, snow, bugs and road grime for months.  Rain Repellent does not rinse off; eventually it wears off during the wiper cycle but lasts up to 6 months.

GET Anti Fog

Anti Fog’s nano-sized particles penetrate deep inside the windshield’s interior side and form a chemical bond, preventing fog buildup inside the vehicle.

All GET products are “Ultimate Biodegradable”.  The bottles are 100% recyclable and the labels are printed using water-based inks on recycled paper.  These products will not stain driveways or harm grass, plants or ground water.

A “Green Windshield” is a safe windshield, so “GET” your “Green Windshield Products” now.