Renewable Lubricants Bio-SynXtra™ Motor Oil – 5W-30 Qts – 12 Pack


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Renewable Lubricants Bio-SynXtra™ Motor Oil - 5W-30 Qts - 12 Pack

Key Features

-Biodegradable Excellence: Bio-SynXtra™ is a patented biobased motor oil, offering improved biodegradability to minimize environmental impact.
-Advanced Performance: Engineered with additional enhancement chemistry, it provides optimum performance in newer high output turbocharged and supercharged gasoline engines.
-High Compatibility: Ideal for passenger cars, vans, SUVs, and light-duty trucks requiring ILSAC GF-5, API SN, and SM standards.
-USDA Biobased Certified: Tested and approved by the USDA as a biobased product, ensuring eco-friendly credentials.

Performance Benefits

-Super High Viscosity Index: Ensures excellent performance across a wide range of temperatures.
-Superior Anti-wear & Extreme Pressure Protection:** Extends engine life by reducing wear and tear.
-Improved Fuel Economy: Designed to enhance fuel efficiency.
-Reduced Emissions: Low volatility reduces harmful emissions, supporting a cleaner environment.
-Viscosity Stability: Maintains optimal viscosity under various operating conditions.
-Low Temperature Pumpability: Ensures smooth engine operation even in cold weather.
-Oxidation Stability: Resists oxidation to extend oil life and engine protection.
-Low Foam Tendency: Minimizes foam formation for better lubrication.

Technical Specifications

Bio-SynXtra™ uses the latest API SN, API Resource Conserving, ILSAC GF-5, and GM dexos 1 approved additives. Although it is an unlicensed formula, it meets the key physical properties defined by SAE J300 and has passed the necessary tests for API and ILSAC base oil interchange. Upgrade to Bio-SynXtra™ Super High Performance Motor Oil today and experience the benefits of high-performance lubrication combined with an Eco-friendly approach.


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