LUBE-A-ROPE Aerosol 15 oz – 12 Pack


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LUBE-A-ROPE Aerosol 15 oz - 12 Pack

LUBE-A-ROPE Chain and Cable Lubricant is a thin lubricant that contains moly to provide maximum lubrication and protection.


This product protects equipment against dust, dirt and water migration that often increase friction and lead to failures.

LUBE-A-ROPE Chain and Cable Lubricant will not fly off – it clings on and keeps working long after the initial application. It eliminates that cause of corrosion by forcing water out of assemblies.

This product penetrates and acts as a corrosion inhibitor to provide long-lasting protection against saltwater immersion and atmospheric moisture.

Applications: Chains, Sprockets, Cables, Wire Ropes, Marine Maintenance, Industrial Maintenance, Drive Chains, Hoist Chains, Automotive Maintenance.



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