Lube-A-Boom LOOSE-N-IT 19 0z Aerosol – 12 Pack


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Lube-A-Boom LOOSE-N-IT 19 0z Aerosol - 12 Pack

LOOSE-N-IT 4-IN-1 Industrial Lubricant & penetrate with PTFE


  • Inhibits rust & corrosion

  • Ideal for stubborn nuts, bolts or threads

  • Prevents breaking off of corroded or rusty parts

  • Loosen threads

  • Superior long lasting lubricant

  • Penetrates frozen or rusted nuts, bolts, joints, couplings, pipe threads

  • Displaces water and moisture from electric contacts, machinery parts

  • Adds a protective layer to provide a barrier to water and oxygen on a variety of surfaces



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