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Gulf “Green” NS 46 Hydraulic Oil

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5 Gallon

Product Description

Gulf “Green” NS 46 Hydraulic Oil

Product Description
Gulf “Green” NS 46 Hydraulic Oil is a premium quality, anti-wear hydraulic oils designed for use in various mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment, compressors and lifts that operate in environmentally sensitive areas where leaks or spills of hydraulic fluid could result in contamination of the soil or nearby waterways. The zinc free formulation is considered to be non toxic to aquatic life and has been formulated to comply with the U.S. EPA LC-50 testing criteria adopted by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service for mysidopsis-bahia shrimp, rainbow trout and fathead minnows.

Gulf Green NS Hydraulic Oil is formulated with high purity synthetic and hydrotreated base stocks coupled with an advanced ashless (zinc-free) additive system that provides optimum component protection from wear, rust and corrosion. The unique aromatic-free chemistry incorporated in this environmentally friendly hydraulic oil is ideally suited for applications that require strict compliance with U.S Coast Guard static sheen test requirements.

Gulf Green NS Hydraulic Oil is recommended for use in equipment manufactured by Eaton (Vickers), Denison, Sauer-Danfoss, Bosch-Rexroth, Racine, Oilgear and others.

Gulf Green NS Hydraulic Oil meets the following hydraulic equipment manufacturers’ specifications:
Denison HF-0 • GM LS2 Eaton Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S • Bosch-Rexroth RD 90220 MAG (formerly Cincinnati Machine) P68 (ISO 32), • Conestoga Pump Test ISO 20763
P-70 (ISO 46) and P-69 (ISO 68)

Gulf Green NS 32, 46, 68 are suitable for use when DIN 51524 Part 2 HLP, ISO 11158, ASTM D6158 and SAE MS 1004 are called for.
Features and Benefits: High Performance – excellent wear protection for critical system components. Environmentally Friendly / Non-Toxic – formulated to pass acute aquatic toxicity testing. Inherently Biodegradable– when compared with conventional AW hydraulic oils. Longer Service Life – when compared to conventional zinc containing hydraulic oils or vegetable base oils.

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