Eco-friendly, green, recycling, etc. are common terms today but some have been practicing these traits long before they were trendy.  Bell and Flynn of Stratham, New Hampshire has been not only recycling since the 1960’s but they’ve been “recycling roads.”  AutoBeGreen is pleased to be doing business with Bell & Flynn who is greener than ever using our Bio-based and Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils and Gear Oils.  Sustainability is nothing new to them and here’s what they have to say about it:  “With prices high and resources limited, Americans are doing a lot of recycling these days. Bell & Flynn, Inc. has been recycling roads since 1963. Over the years we have upgraded and modified the process. Many years of research, development and testing yielded documented proof that reclamation would lend itself as a key alternative to road rehabilitation projects.”

AutoBeGreen is pleased and proud to be doing business with such an outstanding and progressive company as Bell and Flynn.  For more info on how you too can incorporate eco-friendly and green products in to your company or personal vehicles, check us out at and learn more about our practical and affordable products for truck, tractor, equipment, auto and small engine.