Arbor Day at MUSC

Beautiful weather brought out the crowds to Arbor Day at MUSC today in Charleston, SC and AutoBeGreen was there to display eco-friendly products for the Arbor crowd.  From Ultimate Biodegradable Bar & Chain Oil to No Smoke-No Odor 2 Cycle Oil to to Bio-based Synthetic Motor Oils to Biodegradable Greases, Penetrants, Lubricants, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil and more, representative Honey Johnson dazzled the crowd with her knowledge of these eco-friendly products.



AutoBeGreen distributes “green” eco-friendly products to the professional as well as the do-it-yourselfer.  As astute as these professionals are, many are not aware of the eco-friendly products offered in their field and we wanted to share that you have options during Arbor Day at MUSC.  Bio-based and Ultimate Biodegradable Bar & Chain Oil and 2 Cycle Oils that meet and/or exceed all mfgs specs.  API Certified Bio-based Full Synthetic Motor Oils that are Ultimate Biodegradable as well.  Eco-friendly Conventional Motor Oils!  Eco-safe, Non-toxic and Odor Free Lubricants & Penetrants in both Aerosol and Spray!  Eco-safe and Non-toxic Gear Oil and Hydraulic Oil.  And all these great eco-friendly products are competitively priced.  You won’t pay more for “the good stuff”.