AutoBeGreen is happy to work with ForestPlanet and their network of tree planting partners to implement our tree planting program.  Please visit ForestPlanet to learn more.

Please consider joining in our Global Vision of ‘Finding That Balance’!

As you check out of the AutoBeGreen Store, you will be asked ‘Would like to Plant a Tree with that?‘ A reply of Yes, costing you only 12 cents, will fund the Planting of Two Trees, as we will be matching Your Donation! Consider Donating 8 Trees for 96 cents, which, after doing the math, allows 16 more Trees to be Planted where needed, Offering HOPE!

Aside from Large Donations, which will be forwarded to ForestPlanet, AutoBeGreen will match all donations, Tree for Tree.



Hundreds of billions of trees have been clear-cut in the last few decades, leaving soils exposed, depleted and incapable of supporting land-based or marine life.  This photo from western Madagascar shows what happens after billions of mangrove trees were clear-cut for lumber or for industrial shrimp farms.



It took only four years to transform this same field from a barren wasteland into a thriving mangrove forest. ForestPlanet works with tree planting partners operating all over the world that are vetted for their effectiveness.