Walk Behind Mower WBX33HD


 Walk Behind Mower WBX33HD

Welcome to a new Breed of Wide Area walk behind mower!

Commercial grade electric mowers available for residential use or commercial applications with our Green Lithium Exchangeable Energy Modules!

Unlike 33″ gasoline powered walk behind mowers, the Mean Green WBX-33 electric mower has these great advantages:

*Capable of quickly mowing from 4 acres with the LEM70 to up to 7 acres with the LEM112 on a single Lithium Energy Module charge!

*MOW ALL DAY with our WBX-33HD!

*Quieter yet more powerful performance!

*Easy “one click” key start and GO!

*NO choking, cranking, or warming up!

*No gear shifting!

*Easy, powerful, instant fingertip variable speed control up to 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse! ALSO, Operator Drive Speed dial on control panel to “dial in” the top speed that suits your personal walking speed!

*Auto-shutdown of mowing blades before LEMs are depleted allows plenty of power to get back to charging area!

*Zero Emissions means no harmful pollutants to inhale as you mow!

*Clean, healthy air for your kids, pets, and plant life!

*No more Gas to haul around in your trunk!

*No more gas or oil spills in your yard!

*No more Oil changes, filter changes!

*No more belts to tighten or replace!

* With our SMART chargers, its as easy as “plug it in when done and then unplug and go next time its needed”!

*Easily fits through 36″ gates and basement doors for storage!

*7 “easy adjust” height adjustment increments from 1-4 inches!

*2 speed blade control allows fingertip speed control of blades for economy or power mowing!


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