E-Lube Lubricant and Penetrant 10444-6 Pack

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Bio-based and biodegradable, it’s safer for you and the environment and outperforms competitors products.

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E-Lube Lubricant and Penetrant 10444-6 Pack

(formerly UltraLube...same great product...new name)

Not only outperforms traditional petroleum-based products but is also safer for you and the environment.

Lubricant and Penetrant has a naturally higher viscosity index than petroleum-based products, allowing it to more effectively reduce friction, heat and wear. UltraLube® works wonders for hundreds of different applications – from industrial requirements in the workplace to simple uses in and around the home. Use it to penetrate rusted and sticking parts, or to lubricate sliding parts, rollers, chains, hinges, doors, windows – almost anything you have that sticks, squeaks, binds or needs to slide smoothly.

1 review for E-Lube Lubricant and Penetrant 10444-6 Pack

  1. DN

    works good to loosen rusty bolts

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