SpillFix 2in1 Spill Absorbent & Sweeping Compound


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SpillFix 2in1 Spill Absorbent & Sweeping Compound

Convenient, easy-to-handle Absorbent pouch, perfect for everyday spills and accidents. Easy to apply directly from the pouch to clean up spills immediately.

Sweep up sticky dust, cement dust, oils, lubricants, paint and more with our 2in1 absorbent and sweeping compound. 100% made from coconut husk, lightweight and highly absorbent, SpillFix granular absorbent and sweeping compound is non-toxic and carcinogen free, unlike other popular clay absorbents and leaves a slick-free clean.

Best For

Water Treatment Plants, Transport and Trucking, Gas Stations, Commercial Kitchens, Garages and more.


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