Renewable Lubricants Bio-SynXtra 80W-90 Gear Oil GL-5 – Gallon


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Renewable Lubricants Bio-SynXtra 80W-90 Gear Oil GL-5 – Gallon

Bio-SynXtra™ 80W90 GL-5 is designed to meet/exceed the SAE J306 and SAE J2360 requirements for manual transmissions, differentials, and heavy equipment transfer cases. Increasing the GL-5 additive technology provides additional performance and Extreme Pressure (EP) protection for spiral bevel and hypoid gears.

This biobased formula has combined Stabilized HOBS technology with synthetic base stocks to provide a super high viscosity index (VI) with fuel savings performance.  The result is an inherently biodegradable product which has the long life heat stability but which additionally offers the protection advantages of increased gear life through extremely high film strength and excellent low temperature performance.  This product may be used for top-off of differentials and is compatible with hydrocarbon and synthetic PAO based gear oils.  Bio-SynXtra™ 80W90 GL-5 Gear Lubricant is an ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE lubricant that is formulated from renewable agricultural resources.  We believe Earth’s environmental future rests in the use of renewable material.


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