NV Earth 2 Cycle Engine Oil – 12.8 oz


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NV Earth 2 Cycle Engine Oil - 12.8 oz

  • Bio-based & Biodegradable

  • Contains Fuel Stabilizer

  • No Smoke - No Odor - Less Emissions

  • Meets/Exceeds JASO FD

  • Exact amount to mix with 5 Gallons of Gas (50:1)

NV EARTH Bio-based 2-Cycle Engine Oil removes
the petroleum base stocks found in conventional oils.
It is a proprietary formulation of American made,
plant ingredients, that delivers outstanding lubricity,
reduces carbon deposits and increases RPMs. This
product meets and exceeds JASO FD. NV EARTH
2-Cycle oil provides superior engine protection,
excellent detergency and reduces emissions. It also
contains a proprietary Fuel Stabilizer to extend fueloil
emulsion quality. NV EARTH is significantly less
hazardous to plants, animals, and end users when
compared to petroleum based products. SAFER for
employees, better lubrication for equipment
and SAFER for the environment.

12.8 oz is the exact amount to mix with 5 Gallons of Gas (50:1 Ratio)


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