LUBE-A-BOOM® Grease 14 oz – 10 Pack


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LUBE-A-BOOM® Grease 14 oz - 10 Pack

LUBE-A-BOOM is a calcium sulfonate complex thickened lubricating grease formulated in a 100 percent synthetic base fluid specifically for use on cranes, aerial lifts, shooting boom forklifts, hydraulic telescoping excavators and material handling equipment.

The synthetic fluid combined with an anti-oxidant provides stability for extended lubrication life. LUBE-A-BOOM is fortified with molybdenum disulfide (moly) as well as PTFE to reduce friction encountered in sliding surfaces. Because LUBE-A-BOOM meets or exceeds the specifications for EP-MPG and WPG grease, it can be used for other lubrication points on the machine.

LUBE-A-BOOM has been tested for compatibility with wear pads and seals on mobile cranes and meets the specifications for Grove Equipment WPG and EP-MPG. LUBE-A-BOOM contains no undesirable additives such as antimony, lead, chlorine, or zinc. Typical characteristic and benefits are listed below.


  • Water and saltwater resistance

  • Remains free flowing in temperatures as low as -40°F

  • Protects against rust and corrosion

  • Smoother surface contact between wear pads and boom sections

  • Compatible with most conventional lubricants

  • Reduces friction and improves wear pad life

  • Reduces maintenance intervals

  • Non-toxic, protecting the user and environmentally friendly

  • Outlasts petroleum based greases

  • Won’t run or drip in temperatures up to 300°F

  • Formulated for telescoping booms


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