Green Earth Technologies 1213 Anti-Fog

Green Earth Technologies 1213 Anti-Fog 4 oz


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4 ounce spray bottle

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Green Earth Technologies 1213 Anti-Fog 4 oz

  • Improves Drivers Visibility

  • Nano-sized particles penetrate deep within the interior side of the windshields and side windows to form a thorough bond, preventing fog and other types of moisture buildup inside the vehicle

  • Product will treat several vehicles and last for months

  • Superior Performance and Ultimate Biodegradable

Totally Green Anti-Fog. G-GLASS™ Anti-Fog is a patent pending hydrophobic formula made from American grown base oils that now puts the power of nanotechnology into the hands of the consumer. G-GLASS™Anti Fog’s nano-sized particles penetrate deep inside the windshield’s interior side and forms a chemical bond, preventing fog buildup inside the vehicle. G-GLASS™ Anti-Fog is the “GREEN ALTERNATIVE” when treating interior glass surfaces…satisfaction guaranteed! G-GLASS™ bottles are made from 100% recycled milk jugs and the labels are printed using soy inks on biodegradable paper.

G-CLEAN bottles are 100% recyclable and the labels are printed using water based inks on recycled paper. This product will not stain driveways or harm grass, plants or ground waste.


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