EcoTouch Tire Shine TSH1G


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EcoTouch Tire Shine TSH1G

1 Gallon

Bring out the Best Tire Shine

Eco Touch Tire Shine conditions and protects your tires in one easy step. Our unique blend of emollients and waxes deeply penetrate beneath the rubber surface to give tires a non-greasy and sling-resistant coating. Simply squeeze a dab of Tire Shine onto an applicator pad and spread evenly around the tires for a low-gloss finish.

Compatible Surfaces:


Features & Benefits:
• promotes natural shine and luster
• conditions and protects in one-step
• water-based formula
• ready-to-use solution
• best tire shine for old or faded rubber

1. Shake bottle well. 
2. Squeeze liquid onto applicator pad. 
3. Spread evenly around tires. 
4. Let set for 10 minutes before driving. 
Do not use on tire treads or other surfaces where grip is important. 

Bottle from 100% recyclable #2 polyethylene.


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