Eco Touch DBC24 Dashboard Protect

EcoTouch Dashboard Protect DBC24


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EcoTouch Dashboard Protect DBC24

24 oz

We call it “interior indulgence”
While some think a dashboard protectant should look greasy and glossy, we prefer au natural. Our bio-based ingredients protect and condition vinyl, but don’t give you a toxic-fume headache. With Dashboard Protect, you can sit back, breathe deeply and enjoy your like-new dash. So go ahead, pamper your vehicle — and yourself — with dashboard protect.

Compatible Surfaces: 


Features & Benefits:
• protects vinyl, trim and plastic
• leaves car dashboard cleaned with a low-gloss finish
• no sticky or shiny residue
• pleasant lavender fragrance

1. Shake bottle well.
2. Spray onto clean Eco Touch microfiber towel and apply.
3. Buff with a dry microfiber towel.

Bottle from #2 polyethylene. Sprayer from blend of polyethylene/polypropylene. Both are 100% recyclable.


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