EcoTouch Car Wash Shampoo CWS1G 1 Gallon


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EcoTouch Car Wash Shampoo CWS1G 1 Gallon

Dirt, Dust, Bugs and Grime Don't Stand a Chance!
Eco Touch Car Wash Shampoo delivers a high-sudsing and luxurious wash for your car's exterior. Our proprietary formula combines powerful plant-based cleaning agents which safely clean dirt, dust, bugs and grime without stripping existing wax. Your car is left with a sparkling and streak-free finish. And of course, Eco Touch Car Wash Shampoo is non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Compatible Surfaces:

Features & Benefits:
• Safely lifts dirt away from paint without stripping wax

• High-sudsing formula
• Non-toxic, biodegradable & phosphate-free
• Leaves a brilliant streak-free finish

1. Move car to a shaded location away from direct sunlight.

2. Rinse car to remove loose dirt.
3. Dilute 1 oz. (4 capfuls) Car Wash Shampoo per gallon of water in bucket.
4. Wash car with a sponge, microfiber or terry towel.
5. Rinse car then dry immediately with towel.

Bottle from 100% recyclable #2 polyethylene.

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5 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum


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