Renewable Lubricants Bio-Fleet Trans Hydraulic Fluid UTF


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Renewable Lubricants Bio-Fleet Trans Hydraulic Fluid UTF

5 Gallon Pail

Bio-Fleet™ Trans-Hydraulic is a universal tractor fluid (UTF) that incorporates Stabilized* additive technology with biodegradable biobased oils.  It provides improved performance over Bio-Hygard, provides efficiency in synchronised and glide shift transmissions, and is interchangeable with standard UTF.

This formulation contains special frictional modifiers for the Wet Brake’s equipment design, and is compounded with detergent, dispersant, anti-wear, anti-rust, and anti-foam inhibitors.   Bio-Fleet™Trans-Hydraulic fluid is a multi-grade lubricant that can be used in agricultural, industrial, and construction equipment and has proven field performance.

Meets or exceeds the requirements of John Deere’s Bio-Hygard and Hygard (Specification J20-C); Allison C-3, Cat TO-2 and API GL-4, FZG/Low-Speed/High Torque. Passes: J20-C/M1139 High Torque Axle, Wet Brake Chatter/Squawk, PTO Clutch, and the North America Performance Requirements for Universal Tractor Transmission Oils (UTTOs).


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